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(Still Blaine's POV)

"You can come out now." I say putting the last cupcake in the case. "Your not scaring me today Poppy." I hear a rustle from behind the machine that makes our icing. "Oh come on! You need to be scared today." She sarcastically says walking to her cash register. I give her the most monotone no I don't not ever. She starts to smile, but then stops when she sees I'm being completely serious. "Are they back?" Poppy asks. She doesn't even need to say the word for me to know what she's talking about. My nightmares. I close my eyes and nod ever so slightly. Someone grabs my arm and my eyes burst open, I'm outside with Poppy. She has the most worried look on her face. Practically saying I need to hear all the details. I sigh and tell her everything that happened in it. By the end my eyes are closed and her arms are around me. She lets go and asks, "Do you want to go back to Dr. Clare?"
I shake my head and say, "No. But I'm guessing your going to make me." I open my eyes and look at her. "No I won't, but I don't want you to be like before." I nod and recall that horrid event ended me up in a mental hospital. I was thirteen and was living with my biological dad. My mum had just died and my dad turned to alcohol as a way to deal with it. Anytime I asked to hang out my friends, which I only had two, he would yell at me for being inconsiderate then he would hit me. I went to school with bruised arms and black eyes. I tried to hid it from everyone, and I ended up starting to cut myself. The school finally noticed something was wrong when my grades started to drop. They called me down to the guidance counselor and I just broke down. After that I was taken into child services. But I still had the psychiatric problems that haunted me. It was terrifying not just me but for the others around me. One night I got so depressed I nearly committed suicide. I couldn't take the dreams anymore, they were eating me up inside. A guard roaming the halls saw me and stopped me before I could do anything to serious to myself. I ended up with scar of where the rope had bitten into my neck. The next week I was transferred to a mental hospital. "I know you don't and I'm thankful." I say in a whimper holding back tears. "I'll go back if they get worse." Looking up at her I see her smile slightly. She wraps her arm around my shoulder and we walk back in. We've been out for five minutes and mum and dad are at the cash registers. They glare telling us you guys are dead unless you have a good explanation.
*Poppy's POV*

I wrap my arm around her shoulder and we walk back in. We've been out for five minutes and mum and dad are at the cash registers. They glare telling us you guys are dead unless you have a good explanation. I point at Blaine as a silent signal to tell them her dreams are back. They nod and return to the orders. We go to the back of the kitchen and start decorating tomorrow's cakes. A couple minutes later mum appears in the door and signals for me to come by her. I nod and walk over to her. Blaine is concentrating on the flower she's making. "Did you ask about Dr. Clare?" She whispers making sure Blaine can't hear us. I nod and whisper back. "Yea but she doesn't want to go. She said if they get worse she'll go." Mum nods and we walk back to our places. Finishing the green edging on my square cake I look up at the clock. And see Blaine's shift is over and she knows it. She's already putting her cake in the fridge. Gosh she's so punctual on her time. I'm stuck here for another two hours. Ugh well at least I don't have to be in the front. "Bye Annie." I say as she grabs her stuff and walks towards the exit. She waves bye and leaves. I look back down at my cake and decide to design a four leaf clover in the top left corner. I end up making a decent looking clover. Looking up at the clock I see I have only thirty minutes left til I can leave. Well might as well go to the front I think putting my cake next to Blaine's flower masterpiece. I walk in the front and take my place at my register. Finishing my last order I grab my stuff and leave driving home. I pull my car into the driveway next to Blaine's and walk inside. "Annie!" I yell throughout the house. I get no reply so I walk up to her room, but she's not there. Wandering into her bathroom I find an empty pill bottle sitting on the sink but no Annie. The pill bottles reads anti-depressant. It was issued last week. A million thoughts run through my mind. My body runs to the phone and my fingers dial Annie's number. It goes right to voicemail. I dial the bakery number and dad picks up. "Hello. How may I help you?" He says. "Dad! I found an empty pill bottle in Annie's bathroom but she isn't here. And she won't answer her phone." I say with fear creeping through all my limbs. There's silence on the other line but then he says, "When was the bottle issued?" I grab the bottle looking at it. "Last Monday." I say. "Okay. We'll be there as soon as we can." he says then the line goes dead. Annie please be okay. I can't lose my bestfriend, my sister, the only one who knows my deepest secrets, my light, my everything.
"I want someone to sweep me off my feet and be my... Prince. Not someone who ignores me all the time." - Poppy Clarke
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